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The Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) is a suite of computer-administered teacher certification examinations which was developed by the State Board for Education Certification (SBEC), the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and Educational Testing Service (ETS).[1] The first examinations in the TExES suite were administered in 2002.[2] New examinations have occasionally been added to the TExES suite, and existing examinations have received regular updates. In 2015, new Core Subject tests were implemented.[3]

Function of the Test

TExES Study Guide

The TExES examinations are part of the certification process for new teachers in the state of Texas. They are intended to be taken by individuals who have already completed an approved educator preparation program or who already hold a Texas classroom teaching certificate or a Temporary Teacher Certificate. The Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Part 7, Chapter 230 lays out the requirements for teacher certification, including the requirements to pass any prescribed comprehensive examinations.[4]

All TExES examinations are scored on a scale from 100 to 300, and the passing score on all TExES examinations is a scaled score of 240.[5] Although TEA does not appear to publish exact pass rates for the TExES examinations, it does publish statistics which include the number of candidates who took each examination and the average scores achieved by these candidates. In 2013-2014, 27,119 candidates took the most popular examination, Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12, and scored an average of 264.16.[6] Other popular examinations included Generalist EC-6 (average score of 243.77), English as a Second Language Supplemental (ESL) (average score of 253.35), Special Education (average score of 253.65), Generalist 4-8 (average score of 255.50), and Principal (average score of 247.67).[6]

Judged by average scores, the most difficult examinations are Bilingual Generalist 4-8 (average score of 229.94), Master Technology Teacher (average score of 230.67), and Languages Other Than English - French EC-12 (average score of 231.57). The examinations upon which candidates are most successful include Health Science Technology Education 8-12 (average score of 276.63), Languages Other Than English - Latin EC-12 (average score of 271.44), and Technology Education 6-12 (average score of 268.22).

Test Administration

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TExES examinations are offered at ETS testing centers.[5] Some TExES examinations, especially in popular subjects such as Science, Social Studies, and History, are offered continuously year-round. Many others have only limited administration, typically in four to seven testing windows per year.[5]

Candidates must register for any given TExES examination at least two days prior to the testing date (for continuously-offered examinations) or testing window (for examinations with limited administration). The fee for each TExES examination is $120, although certain subject tests at the EC-6 and 4-8 level cost only $60.[5]

Most TExES examinations are multiple-choice tests. Some subjects, such as foreign languages, include constructed-response questions, which include written, spoken, or signed questions.[5] Examination lengths vary widely. While most examinations, including the popular PPR[7] and ESL Supplemental[8] have a testing time of five hours, some individual Core Subjects examinations may be as short as 35 minutes long.[5][9]

For most TExES examinations, scores are reported on the ETS TExES website approximately one week following the testing date. However, score reports for examinations which include constructed responses are not released until nearly a month following the testing date.[5]

Unsuccessful candidates who wish to retake an examination must wait at least 45 days between testing dates. There do not appear to be any restrictions on the number of times a candidate may take any given examination; however, TEA encourages candidates who are affiliated with an educator preparation program to check with their programs to determine whether they need to obtain new approval to retest.[5]

Candidates with disabilities who require special testing accommodations must complete a multi-step process which includes reviewing the available examination accommodations, selecting the accommodation(s) to request, completing the examination registration form, completing a testing accommodations request form, gathering documentation of the disability, and submitting all completed forms, documentation, and fees to ETS.[10]

Test Format

Test Structure

The TExES test series is composed of various subjects that educators will teach in early childhood to 12th grade classes. The majority of the tests contain about 100 multiple choice questions, and most take place on computers. Almost all of the tests in this series allow about 5 hours to complete.[11]

Test Environment

TExES tests take place at Prometric Testing Centers across Texas. Candidates taking a TExES test are required to arrive at least half an hour early to the testing facility. There, a valid identification that is government-issued and contains a name and signature is required. Depending on the test, a calculator will be provided either on screen, or a scientific one will be provided by the testing center. There are a few tests which require test takers to bring an approved calculator. Personal items are not allowed in the testing room, including books, electronics, and some watches.[12]

Test Content

  • Sample Texes Science 7-12 Practice Questions

More free TExES practice test questions.


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