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The Praxis Core Test is a new suite of three examinations given to candidates entering teacher preparation programs.[1] It replaced the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills test (PPST) in fall 2013.[2] The Praxis Core Test was developed by Educational Testing Service (ETS) in alignment with the College and Career Readiness (CCR) Standards and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Compared to the old Praxis I PPST, ETS presents the Praxis Core Test as being more rigorous and as providing a more accurate measurement of candidates' qualifications.[2]

Function of the Test

Praxis Core Study Guide

The Praxis Core Test is typically taken by college students entering teacher preparation programs.[1] Many colleges and universities require students to pass the Praxis Core Test before being formally admitted to the school's teacher preparation program.[3][4] In addition, most states require candidates seeking licensure as a teacher to pass the Praxis Core Tests in addition to subject-specific tests. Some states, such as Pennsylvania, give candidates for licensure a choice between taking the Praxis Core Test or taking a state-specific test;[5] others, such as Alabama, require candidates to take a state-specific test and do not accept scores from the Praxis Core Test.[6]

Because the Praxis Core Test is still very new, few statistics about it are available. However, between 2005 and 2009, approximately 133,000 people took at least one of the Praxis I tests, which averages out to 26,600 test takers per year.[7] Because the Praxis Core Test has replaced the Praxis I tests, it can be assumed that a similar number of people take the Praxis Core Test each year.

Test Administration

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The Praxis Core Test is administered year-round at Prometric Testing Centers worldwide. Many independent testing sites, including those operated by universities, also offer the examination.[8][9] Registering for the full suite of three Praxis Core Tests costs $135. Registering for two of the tests costs $125, while registering for only one costs $85.[9]

Scores are made available online approximately 2-3 weeks following the exam date.[9] Candidates who wish to retake one or more of the Praxis Core Test exams must wait at least 21 days between each test date. There does not appear to be a limit to the number of times candidates may take the Praxis Core Test.[9] However, candidates should be sure to check for any additional restrictions which may be imposed by their individual states or universities regarding retaking the Praxis Core Test.

Candidates who require special accommodations for a disability must register for the exam by mail and have the requested accommodation approved by ETS prior to taking the test. Candidates requesting special accommodations must complete and submit several forms, including a Certification of Eligibility form Candidates are encouraged to refer directly to ETS's website for details regarding this somewhat complex process.

Test Format

Test Environment

Candidates are expected to arrive half an hour early from the time the exam is scheduled to start. For admission to the testing center, each candidate must bring an acceptable form of ID. The ID must be a valid, photo ID, containing a full name and signature. Personal items such as phones, watches, cameras, or any other electronic devices are not allowed in the exam room. Depending on which exam is being taken, calculators may be allowed, or even required.[10]

Test Structure

That Praxis I series is a collection of core exams for teachers. Exams in this series include many different topics such as Agriculture, Sociology, Health, Physical Education, Special Education, Mathematics, and many others. Each test varies in length and topic, but most of the tests last around two to three hours, and typicall have around 150 questions. [11]

Sample Questions

More free Praxis Core practice test questions.


The Praxis Core Test is a suite of three examinations: a reading test, a writing test, and a mathematics test. The breakdown of the suite of examinations is as follows:

Distribution of questions on the Praxis Core Test exams[12]
Exam Length Time
Reading 56 questions 85 minutes
Mathematics 56 questions 85 minutes
Optional break
(for combined test)
n/a 10 minutes
Writing 40 questions
2 essays
40 minutes
60 minutes
Total 152 questions +
2 essays
250–260 minutes

Scoring for the Praxis Core Test works as follows. Multiple-choice questions are each worth one point. Essays are worth two to twelve points. Two graders assess each essay on a holistic scale from one to six, and their two scores are added together to determine the essay's final score.[13] Once raw scores have been calculated, they are converted to a scaled score which accounts for the slightly different levels of difficulty on different forms of the Praxis Core Test exams. In other words, if two candidates both achieve a raw score of 45 on the mathematics section, the candidate who took a more difficult version of the test will receive a higher scaled score than the candidate who took the easier version of the test.[13] The possible range of scaled scores is from 100 to 200.[14]

Passing scores on the Praxis Core Test vary widely from college to college (as an entrance exam) and from state to state (as a teaching licensure exam). For example, candidates for licensure in Arkansas need to score 170 points on the mathematics section, whereas candidates from Washington only need to score 142.[15]

Guessing is not penalized on the exam. Incorrect answers are counted the same way as omitted answers.[4]

Answers to Sample Questions

Reading: 1;B 2;A Writing: 1;E 2;D 3;A Mathematics: 1;C 2;B 3;A


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