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Featured Test Article - SAT Test

The SAT was originally developed through the efforts of the College Board, who launched the exam in 1926. The SAT began as the "Scholastic Aptitude Test." It then evolved into the "Scholastic Assessment Test," and went through several other name changes before finally becoming the "SAT." For many years, the College Board developed and released the SAT in cooperation with the Educational Testing Service.

The SAT is currently the most commonly administered college aptitude test in the US. For decades, the material of the SAT was intentionally written to test students' skills with college subjects and curriculum. However, as of 2016, the SAT's content is written to more closely mirror typical high school studies. The College Board has also made multiple changes to the test's scoring system over time.

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Test Taking Tips

When it comes to analyzing the questions, it is important to take the time and read the entire question. Every piece of information may be necessary to determine the correct answer, so discounting any of the information provided is not advised. Although answers will have information to throw test-takers off, none of the information in the question is there to deceive. Ignoring two seemingly unrelated topics is not advised either, because there is most likely a relationship between them that pertains to the question. Once the question has been read carefully, and the answer has been strategically selected, test-takers should take the time to go back and check their work. Hasty mistakes are found on easy questions too often.