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The Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test (HOBET) was an entrance examination developed by Educational Resources, Inc. (ERI).[1] Because ERI no longer exists, there is little documentation available about the history of the HOBET. However, ERI's 2007 trademark filing for HOBET suggests that the the exam was first administered in 2001, as 2001 was the year in which the name was "first used in commerce."[2]

After ATI Testing took over administration of the HOBET in the late 2000s,[3][4] the exam was overhauled to make it more similar to ATI's existing TEAS entrance exam.[1] Since then, ATI has retired the HOBET exam in favor of the TEAS exam.[5]

Function of the Test

HOBET Study Guide

The HOBET was an entrance exam which measured candidates' skills in reading, mathematics, science, and English to assess their suitability for admission to healthcare-related academic programs.[3] The exam has been officially retired by ATI and replaced with ATI's similar TEAS exam. Despite the fact that the HOBET has been officially retired, it appears that some programs still administer the HOBET exam. For example, an admissions document from the Dental Hygiene program of Texas State Technical College reported that the TSTC counseling center would administer the HOBET examination in January 2015, and that all program applicants were required to take this test.[6]

Test Administration

HOBET Flashcards

Because the HOBET has been officially retired, there is no current information regarding test administration. ATI no longer supports the HOBET exam, nor provides any current materials regarding the exam.[5] Candidates for admission to healthcare-related programs which still use the HOBET exam are encouraged to contact their program directly for information regarding test administration, including testing dates, testing sites, any relevant fees, and accommodations for candidates with disabilities.

Test Format

Sections of the HOBET Test
HOBET Test Subject Areas Percent # of Questions
Reading 28% 42
Mathematics 20% 30
Science 32% 48
English and Language Usage 20% 30
Total 100% 150

Test Environment

The Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test V is administered at school locations and some PSI testing centers. The test takes place on a computer, and usually lasts around three and a half hours to complete all 170 questions.[7]

Test Structure

The HOBET is made up of 150 questions that have to do with four major sections: Reading; Mathematics; Science; and English and Language Usage. All are four-option, multiple-choice questions. There are also an additional 20 questions that are unscored.[8]

Test Content

  • Sample Reading Questions
Use the data in the table below to answer question 1:


  1. How much more rain did albany receive than Bunbury on the third of the month?
    A. 0.30 inches
    B. 0.35 inches
    C. 0.55 inches
    D. 0.25 inches
    For each of the words below, pick the answer choice that most closely means the same thing.
  2. Vehement
    A. troubled
    B. intense
    C. changeable
    D. obstinate
  • Sample Mathematics Questions
  1. Restaurant customers tip their server only 8 percent for poor service. If their tip was $3.70, how much was their bill?
    A. $40.15
    B. $44.60
    C. $46.25
    D. $50.45
  2. What is 825.4589 rounded to the nearest tenths place?
    A. 825.46
    B. 825.5
    C. 825.4
    D. 825
  • Sample Science Questions
  1. What are groups of cells that perform the same function called?
    A. tissues
    B. plastids
    C. organs
    D. molecules
  2. Which of the following cannot be found on the periodic table?
    A. bromine
    B. magnesium oxide
    C. phosphorous
    D. chlorine
  3. Which state of matter contains the least amount of kinetic energy?
    A. solid
    B. liquid
    C. gas
    D. plasma
  • Sample English and Language Usage Questions
  1. Writing, doing yoga, and ________ were her favorite activities.
    A. playing volleyball
    B. doing volleyball
    C. making volleyball
    D. volleyballing
  2. Identify the misspelled word in the following sentence: Rudy beleives you should focus on your children more than on your marriage, due to the complexities of young minds.
    A. beleives
    B. focus
    C. complexities
    D. marriage

More free HOBET practice test questions.


As of 2009, the HOBET included the following material:

Distribution of questions on the 2009 HOBET exam[3]
Section # of
Time limit
Reading 42 58
Paragraph and Passage Comprehension 19
Informational Source Comprehension 23
Mathematics 30 51
Numbers and Operations 19
Algebraic Applications 4
Data Interpretation 3
Measurement 4
Science 48 66
Human Body Science 11
Life Science 15
Earth and Physical Science 14
Scientific Reasoning 8
English and Language Usage 30 34
Grammar and Word Meanings in Context 15
Spelling and Punctuation 9
Structure 6
Total 150 3 hours
39 minutes

HOBET score reports included an "adjusted individual score" for the full exam, as well as for every section and subsection of the exam. Each adjusted individual score was calculated as a percentage from 0 to 100% which was approximately equal to the percentage of questions the candidate answered correctly. However, the number was adjusted upward or downward depending on the difficulty of each specific form of the test so that candidates who took a harder version of the exam could be compared fairly to candidates who took an easier version.[9] Guessing was not penalized on the HOBET; incorrect answers counted the same as omitted answers in calculating the raw score.[9]

There was no single passing score on the HOBET. As an entrance test, it was intended to measure candidates' knowledge and abilities as well as their strengths and weaknesses going into a program of study. Individual academic programs and institutions set their own standards or cutoffs with regard to HOBET scores.

ATI published HOBET score statistics for various medical subfields. For example, candidates in Category S (including dental hygienists, dialysis technicians, and several other professions) scored an average adjusted individual score of 59.4% on the exam, while candidates in Category G (including medical transcriptionists, medical records technicians, and several other professions) scored an average adjusted individual score of 52.2% on the exam.[9]

Answers to Practice Questions

Reading: 1;B 2;B Mathematics: 1;C 2;B Science: 1;A 2;B 3;A English and Language Usage: 1;A 2;A


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