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The Certified Nursing Educator exam was established on April 1, 2009 by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies to the National League for Nursing. [1]

Function of the Test

Nurse Educator Study Guide

The Certified Nurse Educator exam was made with the express purpose to allow experienced nurses the opportunity to facilitate education to other individuals in the field of nursing, but to also contribute to the individual’s personal development. Candidates that take the text must have a Master’s or Doctoral degree in the field or nursing with a specialization in nursing education. The CNE 2014 Handbook states that the candidate must have either: a major emphasis in nursing education, a post-master’s certificate in nursing education, or nine or more credit hours of graduate level education courses. Optionally, a candidate may substitute the nursing education requirement by having two or more years of employment in a nursing program in an academic institution within the past five years. [2]

Test Administration

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The Certified Nurse Educator exam is computer-based and is taken at one of the 120 testing centers of Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc (AMP) in the U.S. The test can be taken from Monday through Saturday at available time slots at AMP testing centers. In order to take the test, the candidate must complete the registration process and obtain a confirmation notice of eligibility, which is given usually 4 weeks after registration. The registration for the Certified Nurse Educator exam costs $375 for National League for Nursing members and $475 for non-members. The registration process can be found on the NLN site.[3] Recertification is on a basis of every five years from the date of the Nurse Educator Certificate that was issued after the last exam taken. If an individual has a disability, he or she must complete the “Request for Special Examination Accommodations” and the “Documentation of Disability-Related Needs” forms within the Certified Nurse Educator Handbook. The exam administrators, Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. also ask that the candidate contact them in advance either through phone or email. [4] It is recommended by the NLN that candidates for the Certified Nurse Educator Examination prepare by looking at the detailed test blueprint,[5] the test blueprint,[6] the recommended reference list,[7] and sample questions on pages 12 – 13 of the Candidate Handbook.[8][9]

Test Format

Sections of the CNE Test[10]
CNE Test Subject Areas Percentage
Facilitate Learning 22%
Facilitate Learner Development and Socialization 14%
Use Assessment and Evaluation Strategies 17%
Participate in Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Program Outcomes 17%
Pursue Continuous Quality Improvement in the Academic Nurse Educator Role 9%
Engage in Scholarship, Service and Leadership 21%
Total Questions 170

Test Environment

The CNE test is offered on paper and pencil and on the computer, however, candidates still need to schedule an appointment. The exam is offered Monday through Friday. The window for appointments is 9 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon. For admission into the testing center, the test-taker must bring two forms of identification that match the information on the exam registration information. At least one of the IDs must be a photo ID. To ensure safety and honesty, the testing rooms are under both audio and video surveillance. Both pencils and scratch paper are provided at the examination. Test-takers may take a restroom break or step out into the reception area, but these are not provided, and will be deducted from the examination period.

Test Structure

The Certified Nurse Educator Examination is both a computer or paper and pencil test made up of 6 major content areas: Facilitate Learning; Facilitate Learner Development and Socialization; Use Assessment and Evaluation Strategies; Participate in Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Program Outcomes; Pursue Continuous Quality Improvement in the Academic Nurse Educator Role; and, lastly, Engage in Scholarship, Service, and Leadership. The last topic has three subsections: Function as a Change Agent and Leader; Engage in Scholarship of Teaching; and Function Effectively within the Institutional Environment and the Academic Community. There are 170 questions in all. Of the 170, 20 questions are unscored, pretest questions, although they are mixed in and indistinguishable.[11]

Sample Questions

More free CNE practice test questions.


In the test, there are 150 multiple choice questions. Only 130 questions count towards the final score, however the other 20 questions are used for experimental purposes for future tests. The exam has a time limit of 3 hours. There is no exact number that is needed to pass the exam as some individual exams are more difficult than others, however a raw score report is issued to the candidate once the score has been graded to let them know if they passed or failed. [12] There are three types of questions: Recall, Application, and Analysis. Each of the 130 questions are multiple choice with four answer choices. There is no penalty for incorrect answers. Each type of question belongs in 6 major categories. [13]

Recent/Future Developments

The Certified Nurse Educator exam is currently the only National exam for accreditation of nurse educators in the United States, however several state organizations offer their own forms of nurse education certifications.


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