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Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM)


The Certified Healthcare Facility Manager credential is administered by the American Hospital Association Certification Center (AHA-CC), the division of the AHA responsible for setting standards of competence and credentialing professionals in fields related to healthcare facility development, management and administration.[1] The AHA began as a membership group known as the “Association of Hospital Superintendents.” In 1918, the group expanded its membership rolls to include other facilities managers and institutions, and adopted new objectives to serve both members and public by promoting efficiency, economy, and quality of administration. At this time, it changed its name to the “American Hospital Association.”[2] In the 1930’s, AHA members began forming councils to address standards and practices in facility management and operations and professional competence. At the same time, the AHA began recognizing outstanding hospital administrators with merit awards for their leadership and service to the community. In 1955, the annual Distinguished Service Award was established.[3]

Function of the Test

CHFM Study Guide

The CHFM credential certifies an individual’s expertise in the specialized field of health care facilities engineering and management.[4] Candidates must demonstrate an appropriate combined level of education and experience to be eligible to sit for the CHFM exam. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher must have 3 years or more experience in health care administration or supervision and 3 years in a health care engineering position. Five years of administration/supervisory experience in healthcare are required for those without a bachelor’s degree. In addition, candidates with an associate’s degree must have 5 years of engineering experience, at least 3 of which are in a health care facility and those with a high school diploma must meet a 7 year engineering experience requirement.[5] According to a 2012 salary survey, health care facility managers who achieve CHFM certification are not only considered to be at the top of their profession, but also have greater earning power than their non-certified peers, earning an average of $10,000 more per year.[6] This same survey found that degreed, credentialed candidates have increased visibility and success in finding employment as well.[7]

Test Administration

CHFM Flashcards

The CHFM exam costs $425 for candidates who are not members of an AHA-affiliated personal membership group such as the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), and $275 for members.[8] Eligible veterans may apply to the Veterans Administration for reimbursement after taking the CHFM for purposes of career development or advancement.[9] Exam application and scheduling is performed directly through AMP (Applied Measurement Professionals), the approved testing vendor which hosts nearly 200 testing centers throughout the United States.[10] Candidates who register online for an exam conducted at an AMP testing facility may schedule their exam immediately in one easy step. Mail and FAX applications are also accepted, but there is a waiting period of about 4 weeks before candidates who register this way receive their confirmation notice and scheduling instructions.[11] Special accommodations are available for candidates with disabilities who request them at least 45 days in advance of their exam date. The “Request for Special Examination Accommodations” form must be completed along with professional documentation submitted a health care provider with whom the candidate has a relevant professional relationship.[12] Candidates who do not pass the exam may take it as many times as they wish in order to pass. A new registration and full fee is required to retake the exam.[13]

Test Format

Sections of the CHFM Test
CHFM Test Subject Areas # of Questions
Compliance 25
Planning, Design, and Construction 18
Maintenance and Operations 28
Finance 15
Administration 14
Total 180

Test Structure

The CHFM is made up of five main topics: Compliance; Planning, Design, and Construction; Maintenance and Operations; Finance; and Administration. In all there are 110 multiple choice questions, 10 of which are unscored, pretest questions. The time allotted to complete all 110 questions is two hours. The questions call on three different types of thinking: recall, application, and analysis, so it's very important to study every piece of content.[14]

Test Environment

The CHFM takes place at AMP testing centers. There, candidates must present two forms of identification for admission. One must be a valid, government issued, photo ID. A second form of ID, containing a signature and name is also required. In the testing room, personal items are not allowed. This includes outerwear, such as hats and coats, snacks and drinks, electronics, or study material. Test-takers will find out whether they passed or failed upon completion of the exam.[15]

Sample Questions

More free CHFM practice test questions.


Of the 110 items on the exam, 100 are used to score candidates’ responses, and 10 are pretest items which are not scored. .[16] The exam is scored by totaling the number of questions answered correctly out of the 100 scored questions on the exam. A raw score of 69 is currently required to pass the exam. This may change in the future as the exam is updated. Candidates will receive their pass/fail status upon completion of the exam.[17]

Recent/Future Developments

On occasion, the CHFM exam is hosted at industry meetings or educational events and may be taken in pencil-and-paper format or via laptop computer. Only paper applications are accepted for these special testing sessions.[18] In 2015, selected education events will host the CHFM exam. Information and updates on special times and locations are available on the AHA Web site.[19]


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