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Case management is a process that involves planning, coordinating, and evaluating services to meet a client’s objectives in health and human service fields. Case managers have knowledge and expertise to advocate for ill or injured individuals and their families. As the health care industry continued to grow in its complexity a new standard for professionalization became necessary. [1] The Certified Case Manager (CCM) test was the first accredited and nationally recognized exam in the case management field. It was created by the Commission for Case Management Certification. Since the exam’s formation in 1992 over 40,000 case managers have taken and passed the test. [2]


CCM Study Guide

This test is primarily designed for those in the professional world who wish to earn certification in case management. This could include people working in healthcare policymaking positions, social work, workers compensation, insurance, and other health related fields. [3] One particular profession that is increasingly sitting for the exam is nursing. CCM credentialing is viewed as a competitive advantage for nurses hoping to earn a case management position. Before deciding to take the examination prospective individuals need to be aware that in order to take the exam a person must have a current licensure in a health and human services field or have a college degree in a health related field. Employment qualifications include one year of full time case management work in a role that is supervised by a CCM or 2 years non-supervised work experience or one year in a supervisory position related to case management. [4] These prerequisites were established Commission for Case Management Certification. By achieving CCM status a person promises to conduct themselves with high professional and ethical standards while also complying with the Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers. While not every job requires the test, recent data estimates that the number of employers requiring certification is at 40%, up from 26% in 2004. Moreover, certified case managers now operate in all 50 states. Initial certification, valid for 5 years, is achieved through passage of the exam and by fulfilling specific employment obligation.

Test Administration

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After applying for the exam a person is notified whether he or she meets the eligibility requirements. If all prerequisites are met then the individual may schedule to take the exam, which is offered three times per year; once in April, August, and December. If a candidate is denied they will have an opportunity to appeal the decision within 30 days. Once confirmed test-takers will receive an email with an ID number and instructions on how to register and schedule the test with Prometic, the company that administers the CCM exam. [5] All individuals seeking to take this test must first pay a nonrefundable application fee of $160 dollars. Another payment, $185, is necessary to sit for the test. Test-takers should be aware that there are additional fees if changes are made to the exam date with less than 30 days until the testing time. A $25 dollar fee applies to any changes up until six days before the exam while an $85 fee is due for any changes less than five days prior to the test. Also, the exam fee can be refunded if a candidate produces a documented excuse.

Test Format

Sections of the CCM Test
CCM Test Subject Areas # of Questions Percentage
Care Delivery and Reimbursement Methods 47 31%
Psychosocial Concepts and Support Systems 40 27%
Quality and Outcomes Evaluation and Measurements 27 18%
Rehabilitation Concepts and Strategies 13 9%
Ethical, Legal, and Practice Standards 23 15%
Case Management Concepts 23 15%
Total 150 100%

Test Environment

Candidates are expected to arrive between 15 to 30 minutes before the exam begins. For admission, a valid photo ID that matches the name scheduled for the exam is required. Personal items such as paper, books, watches, cell phones, care keys, etc... are not allowed in the testing room. Candidates will be provided a locker to store their personal items. There are no scheduled breaks, but breaks are allowed, however, the timer for the exam doesn't stop. The duration of the entire testing period, including getting seated and signing in, is four hours.[6]

Test Structure

The Certified Case Manager Exam is made out of six major domains with a total of 180 multiple choice questions. The six domains are: Psychosocial Aspects, Healthcare Reimbursement, Rehabilitation, Healthcare Management and Delivery, Principles of Practice, and Case Management Concepts. Three hours are given to complete all 180 items of the exam. Of the 180 items, 30 are unscored pretest questions. This is a computer based test, so there will be a short tutorial before the exam, and, if time permits, a survey upon completion of the exam.[7]

Sample Questions


After completing the test candidates will immediately be able to view a preliminary pass/fail notification. While the Commission for Case Management Certification states that this result is 99% accurate, a scoring team must review all exams before a final pass/fail notice is sent out. [8] Upon passage of the test a candidate’s CCM certification is valid for five years. After that point there is a renewal process for those wishing to keep their certification status. If a person fails the exam then they are able to retest during the next available testing period as long as they pay the $185 testing fee again. Accommodations for test-takers with disabilities are available and requests should be made during the application process. The necessary score to pass the CCM exam is determined by a panel of experts who utilize the modified-Angoff approach. The panel goes through each question and makes a determination of what score a minimally competent test-taker would receive. Since points are not deducted for incorrect answers examinees should attempt to answer every question. [9]


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